The true Purdue Marion & Associates point-of-differentiation has been forged from the most exacting of circumstances and tempered by strategic persistence. Our team’s strength is the combined experience, expertise, knowledge and relationships earned through successes in numerous industries and across product lines and services. We are acutely aware that each client presents a unique set of goals, opportunities and challenges – and because of our wealth of experience — we strategically tailor our services to help our clients find success. A sampling of services Purdue Marion & Associates offers include:

Strategic Planning
In a word, vision: Know where you are going and how to get there in the best possible way. Sure, a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, and if that is the best solution to your objective, great. However, as many businesses find, “what has worked in the past,” no longer does. Reaching your business communications goals is a calculated process and how you get there is often most important. As forward-thinkers, we evaluate and understand the impact and ramifications of decisions and how they will affect all stakeholders in the long and short term. Why not arrive in style?
Brand Management
Your brand is your company – it is a promise, a perception and a personality symbolizing how a company feels, acts, thinks. A strong brand reflects differentiation and creates a loyalty that helps companies weather both the best and worst of times. Genuine and meaningful public relations strategy is the most effective, proven tool in establishing and maintaining a strong brand. The agency compiles extensive competitive and target market analysis to assess what distinguishes clients from their competitors and creates seamless programming designed to communicate these strengths to both external and internal audiences.
Message Development
Message development ensures that all activities conducted on behalf of our clients further the company’s image to the public. The agency develops primary and secondary messages that provide the foundation for all communications.
Government Affairs
Businesses are sometimes faced with obstacles and challenges, or some may need backing or support from key thought-leaders, constituencies or advisory group. Purdue Marion & Associates provides a wide range of government relations services at the local, state and federal levels. The agency can assist in the strategic planning essential to achieving immediate, critical, time-sensitive or long-term goals. Successful governmental relations hinge on maneuvering a political cycle and leveraging relationships for mutual benefit – we provide crucial insight and council. The agency can arrange meetings or act as intermediaries on your behalf, monitor legislative activities and coordinate appearances before administrative bodies. If needed, we will plan community meetings and organize grassroots action plans to gain support for your initiatives.
Media Relations
Every interaction is an opportunity to advance your position. Understanding media operations and interview procedure is a valuable commodity in confidently presenting your story the way you want it told. Our seasoned team intimately understands what is paramount to respective media outlets and reporters: what constitutes a good story, the news “climate,” required specifications, deadlines ramifications and other news-related considerations. We embrace traditional media, with whom we have close-working relationships, and are adept at leveraging and utilizing new and emerging social media platforms, blogs, forums and multimedia options. We also can help you establish a clear media policy for your organization.
Media/Executive Training
Public speaking is ranked as the No. 1 fear in America, even higher than fear of death. Many people dread looking silly or speaking incorrectly, yet media interviews or addressing large groups are great opportunities to disseminate your message to key audiences and position your company and its management as a leader in your industry. Preparation is the key and we have developed comprehensive media and presentation training sessions – tailored for your specific needs – that teach you how to take control in any presentation situation whether friendly, neutral or hostile. Jump in the driver’s seat where you’re most comfortable.
Stakeholder Outreach
Stakeholder outreach is more than simply holding a public meeting to check off some box on the list of requirements to gain municipal approval. To gain an in-depth and open exchange of information and ideas, we understand how critical it is to identify public concerns and values, to develop consensus, and build trust between our clients and their constituencies. Purdue Marion & Associates implements demonstrated outreach processes to actively involve stakeholders to provoke interest, assist them in becoming vested in project outcomes, sustain involvement and become champions of our client’s mission.
Employee Relations
Staff and team members are often a business’ most powerful asset as they handle day-to-day operations and are the literal face of your company. However, maintaining strong relationships with this important group is often overlooked. Informed, empowered and motivated employees are more engaged in company goals, are more productive, have higher morale, and are responsible, loyal and long-term employees. We work with you to develop custom employee initiatives designed to enhance management’s relations with employees, improve employee morale and strengthen the employees’ relationship with their community. With effective communication and focus, spirited and valued employees can be the strongest ambassador for your business.
Community Relations
At our core, we understand that the communities our clients operate in are not simply untapped markets; they are where we live, work and play. As such, we believe it is our civic duty to give back to our local non-profit organizations and support the community and its publics through sincere and meaningful community-betterment programs. We work with each individual client to identify community causes that reflect their interests, bring positive exposure, and create significant interaction. We explore mutually beneficial opportunities on behalf of our clients so that furthering a cause you believe in means furthering your agenda, too.
Reputation Management
Your reputation is your brand, and, ultimately, your livelihood. There is a 24/7 news cycle, countless online forums, constantly-emerging social media platforms and one in every five people on the planet have the capability to post internationally, instantly. Managing your reputation, and creating a favorable view, applies to all of a company’s audiences and to every communications medium. Our reputation management strategies are integrated into all aspects of clients’ communications initiatives, including message development, employee communication, investor and vendor relationships, media relations, government interaction and social media strategies.
Special Event Planning and Management
When organized correctly, special events can raise awareness, promote an organization’s brand characteristics, create energy and excitement for an initiative, and create long-lasting impressions with the community. Designing meaningful events is a Purdue Marion & Associates hallmark that dovetails with our clients’ communications and business plans. We assist with all special event needs, manage on-site execution of events and all associated vendor activity, including pursuing bids, selecting vendors and partners, and final invoice reconciliation. Media relations opportunities are woven into all event designs to ensure appropriate news coverage. Your event is an investment, let us help you realize maximum return.
Social Media
Approximately 2.95 billion people will be on social media by 2020. These online conversations can seem daunting, but proactive and strategic engagement can further your company’s success. We work with you and assist in determining what social platforms will be most beneficial and effective to cultivate impactful relationships with your customers and influencers. The proper presence and allocation can generate tremendous value at a fraction of the cost of a traditional or mass media approach. We advise, hone and help you execute a social media strategy that generates action and elevates your goals. The conversation is happening now. Let us help you find your voice.
Crisis Communications and Issues Management
Crises are unpleasant, unwanted and immediate – your response literally can dictate your organizations’ future. Forthright, deliberate and timely management and communication of the situation will keep your reputation intact and may even turn an obstacle into an opportunity. Every crisis is different. We work with your team to assess the situation, identify all the variables and audiences, and develop a tailored plan of action to interact with, respond to and follow up with your stakeholders, particularly media.


Whether you are seeking to grow your existing business, working on a special project or building a business from the ground up, we have the expertise to help you achieve your overall goals.